University debit, reimagined

Introducing MoneyUp Business for Schools. University debit software is old, clunky, and highly expensive.

Say hello to a modern solution built for innovative schools that want to implement a solution with their interests in mind.

MoneyUp Business for Schools - University Debit Solution

Cheaper. Faster. And Worthwhile.

Looking for a smarter, cost-effective university debit solution? Introducing MoneyUp Business! We offer a user-friendly system that makes transactions smoother and faster, and meticulously designed to be an engaging experience for your students. Welcome to the future of university debit solutions.

Exponentially Cheaper

We're miles cheaper than existing options like Atrium, Transact, etc. Rather than charging a $10-$20k a year platform fee, we charge $0/year.

Connect with local SMBs

With MoneyUp Business, we enable and encourage spend in your local community, and help you earn on every purchase they make on and off campus.

Contactless Payments

MoneyUp Business is designed to give your IT teams a break with our uniquely designed contactless payment flow that helps students make quick, instant payments with QR.

Advanced Analytics

Get real-time data about your sales and business, so that you can make the most informed decisions.

Web Dashboard

Extend our co-branded POS solution on-campus with a dashboard fit for an enterprise. With SSO, advanced security, permissions, and roles, we cater to schools of all sizes.


You're a partner, not a client. We're here to work with you to help you achieve your school's financial goals and targets.

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