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Frequently Asked Questions

Get some quick answers to the most popular questions.
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What is MoneyUp Business?

MoneyUp Business is a fully integrated point of sale system that’s designed to give merchants access to a cheaper alternative to the existing solutions.

Who is MoneyUp Business for?

Any business that processes transactions really. If you want to accept payments from your customers and are looking for ways to do that and save money while doing it, then we’re a perfect fit for you. We offer services that can fit many use cases, and our products mold to you.

How does it work?

MoneyUp Businesses is designed to enhance your existing point of sale systems. Once you register for an account and select your plan, you get access to various tools and services that allow you to get up and running quickly. Check out our features page for more information.

What is MoneyUp Pay?

MoneyUp Pay is unique method of payment that generates a secure QR code for your customers to scan and pay. We eliminate all of the middle men, and programmatically move money to you from your customers. Customers who use this payment method must be users of MoneyUp, the consumer app, in order to use this. Additionally, customers who pay using MoneyUp pay receive a 5% discount on each purchase.

Do I need to order a physical reader?

At this stage - yes. But MoneyUp will send you multiple readers - covered by us. All you need to do is place them down near your existing point of sale, or anywhere, and start accepting MoneyUp Pay!

How much does it cost to get started?

To get started, you can reference the Pricing page for more information about what features and tools are included in each plan. We offer three tiers of MoneyUp Business - Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. Depending on your business and how many transactions you process, you can see where you’d land. Each plan has a platform fee that you must pay to get access to the service.

What "per transaction" fees to I pay?

The transaction fees depend on the payment method selected. For payments accepted through MoneyUp Pay, you pay a flat 2% discount fee on each transaction. That’s it. There are no card network fees.

How am I saving with MoneyUp Business?

Compared to most others, we’re actually about saving you money.  That’s why saving you money is our main mission. Check out this interactive calculator that can show you how much you can start saving with MoneyUp Business.